Here you can read a selection of feedback from previous clients.
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The first day in therapy with Rikke, I felt like a shadow of myself. I could not understand why my zest for life and passions were gone and I was deeply concerned for my health, happiness and future.

The treatment Rikke gave me was very unique. She made me self-aware of how I felt emotionally in relationships with people around me, and I worked very intensely to get in touch with the feeling that is here and now. In the many situations where I unconsciously covered up how I felt, Rikke would hold on, and in a caring but determined way, help me to become more aware of my feelings and not least help me to become aware of why any given feeling was making me anxious and defensive.

This has helped me a whole lot. My relationship with the people I care about has started to become more sincere and transparent, I dare to listen to and act on my inner needs and personal boundaries  and then I have finally acquired a deep self-acceptance that makes it much easier for me to be free and 100% myself around other people. I can say with a big smile on my face that I finally feel like getting up from bed in the morning and today I can do it with a smile.

It’s an experience I’ve longed for – and it feels great! ”

Male client in his 20s

Rikke’s therapy is a journey that can feel both hard and painful, but the result is a very real self-development and a clearer and more truthful self-image. Rikke has an amazing ability to turn things upside down and ask surprising questions that forces one to see oneself and ones experiences in a new light. And she “listens” to your body and your signals as much as your words. One can not hide, lie or deny – she continues to work until the truth comes for a day.

I came to Rikke in a deep and existential midway crisis, in a relationship and family life that was not happy. In a few months, in an intensive, therapeutic course with Rikke, I got to dive into both emotions and memories in a way that both led to a much stronger self-knowledge, and which above all strengthened my self-esteem and love for myself. Rikke tackled emotions and habits that I did not see as problematic, and helped me to understand how unhealthy my own self-understanding has been, and therein lay a huge realization and development.

Both my private life and work life have been strengthened and more harmonious, and my physical stress symptoms have disappeared for the first time in many years, as a result of Rikke’s therapy. Real change and self-development are difficult to achieve, but Rikke’s insight and professionalism create the necessary prerequisite for it to succeed, and she has my deepest recommendation and greatest gratitude.

Male client in his 50s

It must make sense to you, and it must be felt.