istdp psychotherapist (mpf)

istdp Psychotherapist (mpf)

Istdp huset Glasgården

Individual therapy session


Maybe you are struggling with something that you are able to articulate quite easily:

Anxiety, depression, problems with your temper, loneliness or feeling stressed? Maybe you often quarrel with your children or your partner. Maybe you overeat or have an addiction of some sort. Or you are grieving over someone you have lost.

It may also be that you experience your problems more diffuse, and not so easy to explain. That you feel stuck, and that there are unhealthy emotional patterns you keep repeating over and over again, causing you pain and suffering. Your life is messy, and the result is breaking up of relationships that are dear to you. Repeatedly.

No matter what you’re experiencing, let’s look at it together.

Individual therapy – how I work.

At the clinic in Glasgaarden, we are all specialized in helping you getting to the core of your emotional and mental difficulties. No matter what’s troubling you, let’s help you with it – you may be experiencing depression, anxiety, thoughts, self-harm, emotional instability and temperament problems, and you’re looking for ways to improve emotional health and a joyful living.

When we meet and talk together about the psychological problems that you are facing, we carefully tune in on all aspects of your current situation, symptoms, thoughts, emotions and fears. From the start, I am participating very actively in understanding your inner experiences and feelings, your anxiety and your defenses, and we work purposefully and intensely to co-create the partnership that is needed, so that you can live more freely and according to your inner most values, attuned to yourself.

The therapeutic method that I work with you based on is called ISTDP (Intensive Dynamic Short-Term Therapy) – the method helps us effectively to identify and resolve the resistances you have inside to feel yourself clearly, and do what is right for you. When you avoid or restrain yourself both consciously and unconsciously, a self-reinforcing spiral can be created into loneliness, anxiety, depression and worrying self-critical thoughts. And by dissolving resistance and instead reinforcing your natural emotional commitment to yourself and life, the spiral is turned toward more life, more joy, and more self-worth.

If this sounds like something for you, then you are welcome here with me, where I usually have time right away.

couples therapy

with two istdp-therapists

In the ISTDP house Glasgården, we offer ‘next generation’ couples therapy, which frames the conversation treatments completely differently than you have probably been used to. We have found that if we are to give you the opportunity to create a truly noticeable and lasting change in your relationships, then we need to work more in depth with the individual.

When you get into couples therapy, it is because there is something you are frustrated about. And perhaps you are most frustrated with your partner – something he / she does, has a habit, a behavior, a pattern – your relationship has gone awry, and you need a hand. At the same time, it plays a role to look at what share you have in the problems you experience. What is happening in you, what is at stake, what is going on inside and how are you rebelling under conflict and pressure?

It makes a big difference to the goals you want to achieve together in couples therapy that we can work with the inner conflicts each brings into your cohabitation.


Briefly about ISTDP / Intensive dynamic short-term therapy

ISTDP is an offshoot of psychoanalysis and attachment theories, where the latter deals with children’s strong emotional ties to their primary caregiver (s).

The quality of the connection to, for example, our parents is decisive for whether we are equipped with the expectation of security and love in relationships, or whether we expect the opposite – namely insecurity and deprivation.

In order to maintain contact and closeness to our parents, where we are not experienced or accommodated with love and security, we as children compensate by distancing ourselves from sides of ourselves, becoming afraid of certain emotions and developing defenses that must keep emotions at bay. and maintain a lasting form of contact with the people we love.

In psychotherapy, people have worked for many years to create lasting characteristic psychological changes in people, by working through conflicts between emotions, anxiety and defense – because they are the ones who create and maintain problems and symptoms.

In ISTDP, we work purposefully to get to the bottom of your problems – and we do it in such a way that you become the best to help yourself in the future, when you run into emotional challenges and so you can be good to yourself.


Individual therapy of 50 minutes, 1.5 hours or 2 hours duration.

The conversation takes place in the ISTDP house Glasgården in Copenhagen, where we are a handful of dedicated ISTDP psychologists and psychotherapists who are passionate about creating lasting change inside.

I am looking forward to meeting you.



I was originally trained as a commercial pilot and have flown passenger planes for around 7000 hours for 17 years, primarily on a Boeing 737.

While flying I got married, had 3 kids and trained as an educator and psychotherapist specializing in ISTDP.