Do you need help in your relationship?

In the ISTDP house Glasgården, we offer ‘next generation‘ couples therapy, which frames the conversation treatments completely differently than you have probably been used to. We have found that if we are to give you the opportunity to create a truly noticeable and lasting change in your relationships, then we need to work more in depth with the individual.

When you get into couples therapy, it is because there is something you are frustrated about. And perhaps you are most frustrated with your partner – something he / she does, a certain habit or behavior, or maby your relationship is suffering from deeply rooted emotional patterns that are activated every time you are together or get into conflicts – either way, you both need a hand in solving your difficulties. Together we will look into what share you have in the problems you experience with your partner, and together we will work to dissolve unnecessary barriers that come between you, so that you can become more true to who you are, and also be a better partner to the one you hold dear.

It’s also possible to work with just one therapist, me, if you prefer this setup better. Either way, let’s get started turning you troubles into new possibilities and freedom to be you.

We are all well trained in having therapy sessions in english, as we are all fluent. I myself have lived many years abroad in USA and Great Britain, and english to me is close to being my native tongue.

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