Do you need help in your relationship?

In the ISTDP house Glasgården, we offer ‘next generation‘ couples therapy, which frames the conversation treatments completely differently than you have probably been used to. We have found that if we are to give you the opportunity to create a truly noticeable and lasting change in your relationships, then we need to work more in depth with the individual.

When you get into couples therapy, it is because there is something you are frustrated about. And perhaps you are most frustrated with your partner – something he / she does, has a habit, a behavior, a pattern – your relationship has gone awry, and you need a hand. At the same time, it plays a role to look at what share you have in the problems you experience. What is happening in you, what is at stake, what is going on inside and how are you rebelling under conflict and pressure?

It makes a big difference to the goals you want to achieve together in couples therapy that we can work with the inner conflicts each brings into your cohabitation.

The focal point is ALWAYS to create a space for cohesion and meaningfulness
– both in you as individuals and in your community as a couple.

That is why we are two therapists for every couple. And we work with you based on the following structure:


  • For the start-up interview, we will meet as two therapists (a psychotherapist and a psychologist) with you. We structure 90 minutes so that each one speaks about your thoughts and feelings on what you see as the core conflict in your relationship. We notice what patterns of behavior you have together, how your interaction is and many other things, and we help you to see both your own and your partner’s share in the problem.
  • Then we work individually with you, so we can process the part of your inner emotional baggage that comes into play in your couple’s conflict. We do this in 2-3 or more individual sessions, as needed. Minimum is 2 individual calls.
  • After the individual conversations, we meet again all 4, and help you to immerse yourself in your common problems, so that in both of you you experience seen, heard and understood. Such that empathy, care and community arise. And so that you get the courage to be close to each other.

Take the next step

How to:

You buy at least one cut card for 4 sessions per person: DKK 6,800.

The first clip goes to our joint conversation the first time, where in each uses a clip.

You use the second and third clips for your individual session, each one.

You use the fourth clip in our second and catchy joint session.

Then you assess whether you need more individual or joint sessions.

We look forward to helping you further.